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Personalization in Marketing — Scott Aaron Shows How Being Personable Works Out

What do people value most about your business? Is it really the goods and services you provide, or is it you yourself that clients are after? In this episode, Scott Aaron recalls a pivotal moment from his youth when an entrepreneurial father facing prison time would leave the family fitness business in his hands. His struggle to sustain the gym would leave him with the qualities needed to succeed in marketing 20 years later.


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“Alignment - The Marketer’s Struggle” - A Reach Coffee Break w/ Lauren Madrid from AWS

In the ever-changing landscape of B2B technology marketing the strategies employed to get traction on initiatives within an enterprise evolve with the needs of buyers. How can marketers align teams across the organization to make progress on a singular goal? Lauren Madrid from AWS shares a personal story about self-doubt, prioritization, and getting everyone on the same page.


Chris Do & Google’s Désirée Daniels on Personal and Professional Growth — 4/4

In a world built on efficiency, maintaining a routine is often our default strategy for growth. In the final episode of this series, we hear a retrospective from Chris Do on his decision to accept the risks of entrepreneurship and the value of discerning the real needs of others. We'll hear from Global Marketing Leader @ Google, Désirée Daniels about the need to challenge industry norms to provide the best experience to customers.


Chris Do & Cisco Capital/Cisco Refresh CMO Emily Foley on the Culture of Involvement — 3/4

There are times when we need a tool to build, times when we need a tool to tear down, and others when we need to uncover what was there all along. In each of these cases, a simple question can serve the purpose. In this episode, we continue the story of Chris Do as he harnesses the power of questions to start an education platform that will rival traditional schools of learning.  We'll also speak with Chief Marketing Officer Emily Foley to learn how these same principles drive decision-making at Cisco Capital/Cisco Refresh.


Involving Introverts w/ Chris Do & Jennifer Kahnweiler — 2/4

We like to think we speak to benefit those who listen to us. But if speaking makes us nervous, are we expending all that energy on behalf of our audience, or are we just worried about ourselves? In this episode, we continue the story of teacher and entrepreneur Chris Do as he overcomes his fear of public speaking and begins to build an education platform. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. shows us how to involve introverts in the workplace.


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