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Involving Introverts w/ Chris Do & Jennifer Kahnweiler — 2/4

We like to think we speak to benefit those who listen to us. But if speaking makes us nervous, are we expending all that energy on behalf of our audience, or are we just worried about ourselves? In this episode, we continue the story of teacher and entrepreneur Chris Do as he overcomes his fear of public speaking and begins to build an education platform. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. shows us how to involve introverts in the workplace.


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Chris Do and the Value of Involvement — 1/4

When we can barely catch our breath, we really appreciate quick solutions and easy answers. But when a state of emergency becomes the norm we have to ask, are these easy answers the solution, or part of the problem? In this series, we'll introduce you to a self-described loud introvert who has used his passion for helping others to overcome personal obstacles. His story illustrates the value of involvement in education, business, and life. We’ll also speak with Professor Andrea Goldin about the neuroscience of good questions.


Applying Empathy for Relevance in Account-Based Marketing — 4/4

Outcomes are often a product of our outlook. In this final episode of our series on empathy and relevance in B2B marketing, we hear musician and filmmaker Kishi Bashi reflect on his decade-long development as an artist. We’re interested to know how listening to the stories of others has affected his approach to the creative process. We’ll also speak with Microsoft’s Keith Pranghofer about developing these same qualities in account-based marketing.


Developing Empathy for Relevance in B2B Marketing — 3/4

Music has the power to transport us through time by harmonizing with the way that we feel. In this episode, we continue the story of musician and filmmaker, Kishi Bashi, as he explores the past to make sense of the present. We also speak with Quacy Superville from Transmission agency about developing empathy in account-based marketing to produce more relevant messaging and business relationships.


Empathy & Relevance in Music & ABM — 2/4

How do you gauge the success of your B2B marketing? Is it by how much is expressed? How much is heard? Or by how well the message resonates? In this episode, we continue the story of musician Kishi Bashi as he takes a leap of faith to discover his own voice in an industry known for some of the loudest voices on earth. Emotional intelligence researcher Justin Bariso explains why communication often lacks empathy and how we can improve the relevance of our messaging.


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