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Involving Introverts w/ Chris Do & Jennifer Kahnweiler — 2/4

We like to think we speak to benefit those who listen to us. But if speaking makes us nervous, are we expending all that energy on behalf of our audience, or are we just worried about ourselves? In this episode, we continue the story of teacher and entrepreneur Chris Do as he overcomes his fear of public speaking and begins to build an education platform. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. shows us how to involve introverts in the workplace.


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Kishi Bashi and the Empathy of Music — 1/4

Think about the last time a marketer lost your interest. They may have felt very strongly about the topic, but their enthusiasm only annoyed you. Could it be that the subject lacked relevance? In this series, we will follow the journey of a musician who won the hearts of fans by observing and considering the stories of others. Can the same experiences that shaped a career in indie rock, give us clues to improve our own ABM communications and B2B marketing practices?


Applying Perseverance in Account-Based Marketing — 4/4

We know what perseverance is and why it's necessary for ABM success.  But since we don't exist on an island, how do we inspire this quality in the B2B communities on which we depend? Gregory Burns has inspired us with a mindset that has taken him around the world, conquering the fears and disadvantages that limit so many of us. In this final installment of the series, we'll hear from two authors on how perseverance can benefit our own business and marketing relationships.


Developing Perseverance in B2B Marketing — 3/4

B2B Struggles come from business and to business. Should we persevere against the voices that demand change, or our own inclination to remain the same? In this episode, we continue the story of Gregory Burns, as he discovers the seed of his own motivation. Would not having the use of legs limit his ambition? And are we imposing unnecessary disabilities on our own performance? We speak with The Sasha Group President and VaynerMedia Veteran James Orsini along with Global Growth Marketing Director at ReachDesk, Amber Bogie, on how perseverance relates specifically to market initiatives.


Perseverance, the Road Less Traveled, and ABM — 2/4

Some marketers submit to challenges, while others eagerly hunt them down. How does our ability to persevere affect our approach? In this episode, we continue the story of Gregory Burns as he takes his first steps away from his conquests and toward a vast unknown. We explore the research of thought leaders in grit and the growth mindset such as Dr. Carol Dweck and Professor Angela Duckworth to see if perseverance is an act of faith in success, or a readiness to fail.


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